Climbing Walls

The Boardroom

The Boardroom

North Wales Climbing Walls

There are a number of excellent indoor climbing walls in North Wales where you can build up bouldering strength and prepare yourself for the next big project line.

Indy Wall (Llanfair PG)
The Indy Wall is located at the edge of the Menai Strait on the Indefatigable military base in Llanfair PG. It is famed both for its friendly, relaxed atmosphere and the high standard of its route setting. The panel profiles on the impressive central competition boulder are perfectly shaped and this shows in the quality of the set problems. There is also an old school curved resin wall with some splendid features. On the training front there is a well designed campus board and finger board set up. The lead walls are not too high (i.e. less than 10m) but there is a good range of angles and a curved resin section.

Beacon Climbing Centre (Caernarfon)
The biggest climbing wall in North Wales is based in Caernarfon. The impressive lead walls offer much opportunity for getting pumped, but unroped climbing is well catered for too. There is a large range of bouldering here with a number of rooms offering different features and angles. There is even a Parisella’s Cave style roof with some very long, upside down problems/routes. There is also a small training room with a system and peg board, plus campus/finger board set ups, gym rings and a peg board.

Plas y Brenin (Capel Curig)
This wall can found deep in the heart of Northern Snowdonia at the Plas y Brenin mountain training centre in Capel Curig. Built in 1993, it was the first of the modern style walls to be established in the area. Despite its vintage the radically curved resin bouldering arch still provides some superb bouldering. The subtle angle changes and many excellent features give a surprisingly realistic feel to the climbing. There is also a small lead wall with both vertical and steeper, bulging sections.

The Boardroom (Queensferry)
This recently established wall is located in north east Wales, close to the English border. It has a good mix of bouldering and lead walls, plus a number of other interesting features, including the Psicobloc. This unique feature has a very high and very steep profile designed to replicate the feel of Deep Water Soloing (instead of splashing down in the sea you land in some extra deep matting). There is also a training area with the usual array of finger, campus and system boards, plus gym rings and a small multi-gym unit.

The Rock Climbing Wall (Harlech)
The emphasis at this indoor wall is mostly on roped climbing, but there is some worthwhile bouldering to be had in a small dedicated area.